2009-2010 CSE Lectures


Fall 2007 Schedule

Fridays, 11:00am - 12:30pm
2320 Engineering Building

Date Presenter Topic
Sept. 7 Dr. Charles Owen Research in the Media & Entertainment Technologies Laboratory
Sept. 14 Dr. Alex Liu Firewall Security and the Beyond
Sept. 21 Dr. Philip McKinley  
Sept. 28 Dr. Richard Enbody Buffer Overflow Attacks & Prevention Techniques
Oct. 5 Dr. Yiying Tong Have Fun with Geometry
Oct. 12

Dr. Betty Cheng

A Roadmap to Current & Future Directions for Requirement Engineering
Oct. 19 Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni

Automation of Fault-Tolerance

Oct. 26 Dr. Joyce Chai Research Activities on Human Language Technology
Nov. 2 Dr. Anil Jain Biometric Recognition
Nov. 9 Graduate Student Panel  
Nov. 17

Dr. Sakti Pramanik
Dr. Pang-Ning Tan

Data Mining and Bioinformatics
Nov. 30 Dr. Eileen Kraemer  


Spring 2008 Schedule

January 15

Hugh McGuire
ProofBuilder, a Pedagogically Oriented Prover

January 18

Robb Clarke
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) & Packaging

February 29

Mark Kornbluh et al.
MATRIX: Rethinking Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Series: Applications of Pattern Recognition and Computational Analysis

March 14, 2008

Robert P.W. Duin
Dealing with Indefinite Representations in Pattern Recognition

Jieping Ye
Computational Analysis of Drosophila Gene Expression Pattern Images

Marie-Pierre Jolly

3D General Lesion Segmentation in CT


March 21

Xian-He Sun
Data Prefetching: Taxonomy and a New Approach

March 27

Adam J. Lee

Towards Practical and Secure Decentralized Attribute-Based Authorization Systems

April 2

Daniel Keefe

Interdisciplinary Visualization and Interactive Computing for Science

April 4

Jeong-Hyon Hwang

Fast and Highly-available Stream Processing

April 4

Ninghui Li

How to make Discretionary Access Control Resistant to Trojan Horses?

April 7

Andrew B. Raij

IPSViz: After-Action Review for Human-Virtual Human Experiences

April 8

Yiying Tong

Discrete Geometry: From Graphics to Physically-based Simulation

April 10

Zhen Yu

Securing Network Coding Against Pollution Attacks

April 14

James Taylor

Making Sense of Genome-Scale Data

April 17

Yanni Sun

Designing Filtering Strategies for Faster Protein and RNA Annotation

April 25

Lihau Xu

Hydra: A Platform For Secure and Reliable Data Storage Systems

May 9

Guoliang Xing

Efficient Bulk Transport in Data-intensive Wireless Sensor Networks