MSU CSE Colloquium Series 2018-2019: Chunyi Peng

Identity Science Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. David S. Bolme
Imaging Signals and Machine Learning Group
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Friday, September 7, 2018
11 AM - 12 PM
EB 3105

Dr. David Bolme leads ORNL identity science team and will be talking on a collection of research project in the area of biometrics. Topics will include understanding biometrics in decomposing bodies, identifying driver behaviors in naturalistic driving studies, associating facial structure with DNA, and though windshield driver recognition.

Dr. David S. Bolme has been a Staff Member in the Imaging Signals and Machine Learning Group (ISML) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the past 6 years. Dr. Bolme received his Ph.D. (2011), M.Sc. and B.Sc. Degrees from Colorado State University focusing in the areas of Biometrics, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. David started his research in biometrics in 2001 conducting statistical evaluations of face recognition algorithms. He continued that research through his Master’s and PhD degrees focusing on designing evaluations for large-scale face recognition challenges and vendor test in conjunction with NIST. At ORNL, Dr. Bolme’s supports research in the areas of biometrics, signal processing, machine learning, and object tracking for national security applications.

Dr. Arun Ross