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MSU CSE Colloquium Series 2016-2017: Dr. David Ackley Indefinitely Scalable Computer Architecture

David Ackley
Associate Professor
University of New Mexico

Time: Friday, October 14, 2016, 11:00am
Location: EB 3105

CPU and RAM computing is finally showing its age. Clock speed growth has stalled, multicore cache coherence scales poorly, and host-based computer security is a global living nightmare. Indefinite scalability is a first-principles design criterion aimed at encouraging a major evolutionary transition in computer architecture, in which hardware determinism is abandoned and scalability and robustness are prioritized ahead of efficiency and even correctness.

Dave Ackley is an associate professor of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico, with degrees from Tufts and Carnegie Mellon. Over twenty-five years his work has involved neural networks and machine learning, evolutionary algorithms and artificial life, and biological approaches to security, architecture, and models of computation.

Dr. Charles Ofria