2017-2018 Colloquium Series | Department of Computer Science and Engineering | Michigan State University

CSE Lecture Series: 2017-2018

Lectures are usually on Fridays at 11:00am in EB3105 unless otherwise specified. These lectures are free and open to everyone.

Fall 2018

Nov 30 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Yanjie Fu
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Collective Representation Learning in Spatial and Temporal Data Environments: Techniques and Applications
Host: Dr. Jiliang Tang

Nov 16 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Feng Chen
State University of New York - Albany
A unified optimization framework for pattern detection in attributed networks
Host: Dr. Jiliang Tang

Oct 9 (Tuesday, 12pm, 3105)
Dr. Mo Li
Nanyang Technological University
Sensing with WiFi – the theory, practice, challenges, and limits
Host: Dr. Li Xiao

Sep 7 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. David Bolme
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Identity Science Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Host: Dr. Arun Ross

Sep 11 (Tuesday, 11am, TBA)
Dr. Jonathon Phillips
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Information Technology Laboratory
Face Recognition Accuracy of Forensic Examiners, Superrecognizers, and Face Recognition Algorithms
Host: Dr. Anil K. Jain

Sep 28 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Chunyi Peng
Department of Computer Science
Purdue University
AIM: Amplifying Intelligence in Mobile Networks
Host: Dr. Guan-hua Tu

Spring 2018

Jan 12 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Mohammad Ghassemi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Healthcare 2.0: Integrating health and behavioral data for AI-driven care
Host: Dr. Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian

Mar 15 (Thursday, 11am, 3105)
Xin Chen
HERE TEchnologies
HD Live Maps for Automated Driving: An AI Approach
Host: Dr. Xiaoming Liu

March 16 (Friday, 11am, 3115)
Josh Siegel
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Making connectivity commonplace: how secure and efficient architectures will drive the automotive future
Host: Dr. Xiaoming Liu

Mar 23 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Vishal M. Patel
Rutgers University
Image-based Crowd Analytics
Host: Dr. Arun Ross

Mar 26 (Monday, 10am, TBD)
Fanxin Kong
University of Pennsylvania
Secure & Sustainable & Efficient Cyber-Physical Systems
Host: Dr. Arun Ross

April 27 (Friday, 11am, EB 3105)
Aydin Buluc
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Scaling Parallel Graph Analysis and Machine Learning using Sparse Matrix Operations
Host: Dr. H. Metin Aktulga