Keynote Speaker: John Strassner    

Fellow of the Technical Staff & Director of Autonomic Networking

 Motorola Research Labs

Autonomic systems have two fundamental goals: (1) enable business goals to drive system functionality and performance, and (2) dynamically adapt the functionality offered to changing environmental conditions, user needs, and business operation. These two goals are especially difficult to achieve for the autonomic operation of networks. This is because network resources will always be heterogeneous, and thus have different functionalities and programming models. This is one of the main causes of stovepipe systems that are currently common in OSSs and BSSs. Unfortunately, this prohibits the sharing and reuse of common data.

This talk will focus on new software techniques and methodologies to build autonomic networks. A novel autonomic architecture, called FOCALE, is described, whose aim is to use a combination of information models and knowledge engineering to discover and program semantically similar functionality for heterogeneous devices regardless of the data and language used by each device. Behavioral orchestration is realized through a modified version of the OMG's Model Driven Architecture.