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X2Go Debugging

NOTE: Be sure to properly terminate your session after you are finished using it.

NOTE: Users who want to use X2Go from home can install the X2Go client and configure their session as described below.

Can't login or get disconnected immediately

  1. If your sessions was closed with out logging out properly. Use putty or ssh shell to ssh to
    <129 arctic:~ > rm -rf .x2go
    That will remove your x2go configuration on the server. Logout and try x2go again.
  2. The other possibility is that an error file has filled your drive space. Use putty or ssh shell to ssh to
    < arctic:~ > ls -latrh
    Search for .xsession-x2go-*-errors find the largest file. It will probably be gigbytes in size.
    < arctic:~ > rm -rf {large error file}

If these options don't help please email (manager @ CSE. msu. edu)