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I'm receiving 1 of these messages:

Windows is loading a temporary profile.
I receive an error about Windows loading a corrupt profile.
My applications are not working correctly anymore.
Programs lose settings or not work at all

If you receive this error, it is probably due to exceeding disk quota.  The last time you logged off a windows machine, the profile was not successfully saved to your home directory. Sometimes the problems are simple as applications with abnormal behaviour. Once corrupt, profiles are not easy to fix. Best solution is to clear it out.

Follow this:

  1. Log out of Windows
  2. Log into a linux machine
  3. open a terminal or xterm
  4. type: /bin/rm -rf ~/.w2kprofile.V2
  5. Log back into a  Windows machine
  6. You can recover files if needed

I Cannot Log into Windows or Unix

  • If this is the first time you have logged on to the CSE system be sure to follow the first login process

*IF you enrolled within the last 24-36 HOURS you may not have been added to our system.  If you need to access the system immediately contact or come to 3358 EB during help desk hourswith picture ID.

I forgot my password

What is a roaming profile?

Roaming profiles is your complete windows profile, including items like your Desktop, Download, My Documents, Bookmarks and all application settings for you.  It also contrains your NTUSER.DAT file, which is you own part of the windows registry.  When you log onto a machine, the delay you see is that entire profile copies from .w2kprofile.V2 in  your home directory.  The more you have, the longer it takes.  When you logoff, the entire profile gets copied back to your  home directory.  If you exceed your quota, the copy may not be successful.  Your NTUSER.DAT file might be corrupt.  When your NTUSER.DAT/registry is corrupt, you get odd errors.  They range from programs not working "quite right", right click actions are empty, all the way to corrupt or temporary profiles.  Once the registry is corrupt, there is no easy fix.  The simpliest solution is deleting your windows profile and starting fresh.  You can always recover files as described above.

You can limit impact by not saving big files to My Downloads or Desktop.  Instead, create a h:\documents directory and save there.  Files will be saved in your home directory, but not part of the roaming profile.  This will help keep your profile smaller and keep login/logoff delays to a minimum.