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CSE Notables

CSE Notables

Ross receives best paper award at BTAS 2018
(posted: 2018-11-14)

David Chesney to receive 2018 James T. Neubacher Award
(posted: 2018-10-30)

Professor emeritus of computer science and engineering honored
(posted: 2018-10-22)

MSU and Capital Area District Libraries announce local computer science coding club at 2018 summit in Detroit.
(posted: 2018-10-09)

Jain receives honorary doctorate degree
(posted: 2018-09-25)

Design Day project success
(posted: 2018-09-18)

Alex Liu, Yunhao Liu, and Guoming G. Zhu receive NSF grant
(posted: 2018-09-14)

CSE students and Tang win Best Paper Award
(posted: 2018-08-31)

Tu and Tang receive NSF Grant
(posted: 2018-08-30)

Aktulga and Balasubramaniam receive NSF grant
(posted: 2018-08-29)

Ross Speaks at NATO Workshop
(posted: 2018-08-09)

Tang receives Criteo Award
(posted: 2018-07-16)

CSE Researchers Win Best Paper Awards
(posted: 2018-06-20)

Ross Discusses Face Recognition and Privacy with MarketWatch
(posted: 2018-05-03)

Student elections are open
(posted: 2018-04-20)

Xi Yin awarded Fitch Beach award
(posted: 2018-04-17)

Ross elected as Fellow of IAPR 2018
(posted: 2018-04-12)

MSU PhD Students Co-Author Book on Machine Learning
(posted: 2018-03-12)

CSE Researchers Receive Awards at ICB 2018
(posted: 2018-03-12)

Zhou receives NSF CAREER Award
(posted: 2018-02-16)

New Book: RFID Protocol Design, Optimization, and Security for the Internet of Things
(posted: 2017-11-20)

Dr. Jiayu Zhou receives gift
(posted: 2017-09-28)

Cheng gave opening keynote at 25th IEEE International
(posted: 2017-09-14)

Ross Participates in BBC Panel on Face Recognition
(posted: 2017-08-22)

K. Liu, Bonito, Edger and Hamberger awarded NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity Grant
(posted: 2017-08-14)

Tang and Zhou receive NSF Award
(posted: 2017-08-14)

Tang receives NSF Grant
(posted: 2017-07-28)

Liu and Shafiq receive patent on optimizing cellular network architecture
(posted: 2017-07-27)

Wei and Tong awarded NSF DMS grant
(posted: 2017-07-26)

Tong receives Best Paper Award at SGP 2017
(posted: 2017-07-25)

Professor Kevin Liu awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2017-06-16)

Dillon receives ACM SIGSOFT Award
(posted: 2017-06-02)

Aktulga and Balasubramaniam receive AFRL project
(posted: 2017-05-30)

Jain, Kai and Arorai receive Civilian Citation from the Lansing Police Department
(posted: 2017-05-15)

Local Third-Graders Test MSU Students' Design Day Project
(posted: 2017-04-27)

That Fingerprint Sensor on Your Phone Is Not as Safe as You Think
(posted: 2017-04-14)

MSU Hosts the Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing (MIWIC)
(posted: 2017-04-05)

Liu and Shafiq receive patent on cellular connection sharing
(posted: 2017-03-23)

Ross, Liu and Jain receive 4-year project award from IARPA
(posted: 2017-03-23)

Chai and Nahum receive WIthrow Awards
(posted: 2017-03-23)

Zhou and Jain receive ONR grant
(posted: 2017-03-15)

CSE Researchers Win Runner Up Best Paper Award at ISBA 2017
(posted: 2017-02-28)

Can Facial Recognition Systems Help Save Lemurs?
(posted: 2017-02-20)

Spartan Engineer Salil Prabhakar is helping make iris recognition technology available worldwide
(posted: 2017-02-20)

Hu Ding awarded NSF CRII Grant
(posted: 2017-02-13)

Cheng receives funding from MSU-Ford Alliance Program
(posted: 2017-01-26)

Ross and Jain receive funding from MSU-Ford Alliance Program
(posted: 2017-01-26)

Ofria to be honored with William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award
(posted: 2017-01-03)

Creating 3-D Hands to keep us safe and increase security
(posted: 2016-10-21)

Biometric Researchers Win Awards at BioSig 2016
(posted: 2016-10-03)

Ross granted NSF SaTC Award
(posted: 2016-09-25)

MSU Team Harnesses Big Data to see the Big Picture in Ecology in $4.2M NSF Project
(posted: 2016-09-15)

Xing receives NSF Grant with researchers from CAS and Nursing
(posted: 2016-09-15)

Ross and Jain awarded NSF SaTC grant
(posted: 2016-09-27)

Chai receives NSF Award
(posted: 2016-09-12)

Jain elected as a Foreign Fellow to the Indian National Academy of Engineering
(posted: 2016-09-08)

Zhang and Liu received Ford-MSU Alliance grant
(posted: 2016-09-08)

Zhang, Liu, and Jain received NSF Award
(posted: 2016-09-02)

Cheng and McKinley receive award from U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
(posted: 2016-08-11)

MSU to welcome national leader in genetic programing and evolutionary computation
(posted: 2016-08-11)

H. Metin Aktulga awarded NSF CRII Grant
(posted: 2016-06-28)

Sparrow and MSU researchers work on new app to help heart patients stay healthy
(posted: 2016-06-07)

Xu received Best Doctoral Forum Poster award at SDM 2016
(posted: 2016-05-27)

CSE Spring Graduation Breakfast
(posted: 2016-05-13)

Jiayu Zhou awarded NSF CRII Grant
(posted: 2016-04-26)

Qi received Best Student Paper Award from ISBI
(posted: 2016-04-19)

ACM student elections are open
(posted: 2016-04-18)

Cheng delivers Keynote at ICST 2016
(posted: 2016-04-13)

People of ACM - Anil K. Jain
(posted: 2016-04-05)

Ofria and Owen receive Withrow Awards
(posted: 2016-03-24)

High School Programming Contest in CSE
(posted: 2016-03-22)

Cheng receives project from Ford
(posted: 2016-03-16)

Kevin Liu awarded NSF CRII Grant
(posted: 2016-03-01)

Celebrating Spartans: Fingerprints as the key to a healthy life
(posted: 2016-03-01)

Media covers MSU Face Recognition Technology
(posted: 2016-03-01)

WLNS reports on CSE Capstone Project
(posted: 2016-02-17)

Jain elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
(posted: 2016-02-08)

WILX TV covers NCWIT Project at MSU
(posted: 2016-02-02)

MSU Receives Award to Attract More Women to Computer Science
(posted: 2016-02-02)

Applying Darwin and artificial intelligence to video games
(posted: 2016-02-02)

Renowned computer scientist Charles Bachman ('48) awarded honorary doctor of engineering
(posted: 2015-12-23)

Ofria elected President of the International Society for Artificial Life
(posted: 2015-12-22)

CSE student honored by Board of Trustees
(posted: 2015-12-21)

Student-Developed App to help Blind - Part of MSU Design Day
(posted: 2015-12-10)

MSU PhD Student designated as a NIJ Graduate Research Fellow
(posted: 2015-12-07)

Computer Science Faculty Position Open
(posted: 2015-11-09)

Jain is a Spartan Crime Fighter
(posted: 2015-10-30)

Liu named to the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
(posted: 2015-10-29)

Liu receives research gift from Google on Virtual Cellular Data Services
(posted: 2015-10-29)

Liu and Ross receive NIH Grant
(posted: 2015-10-01)

Best Poster Award at BMVC 2015
(posted: 2015-09-11)

Liu awarded NSF grant on Multipath TCP Security
(posted: 2015-08-31)

Jain discusses the evolution of the biometric recognition field
(posted: 2015-08-17)

CSE Alum technology debuts Iris-Scanning for Smartphones
(posted: 2015-06-29)

Former Student Honors Anil Jain with an Endowed Fund
(posted: 2015-06-02)

National Award for student Angela Sun
(posted: 2015-05-20)

Chitra Dorai elevated to IBM Fellow
(posted: 2015-05-06)

MSU WIC votes in new Eboard after a highly successful year
(posted: 2015-04-27)

Owen honored at AT&T Faculty - Staff Award Competition in Instructional Technology
(posted: 2015-04-17)

Student Elections
(posted: 2015-04-16)

Enbody and Punch selected as a recipient for the 2015 NCWIT Engagement Excellence Award
(posted: 2015-03-25)

Esfahanian receives Withrow Teaching Excellence Award
(posted: 2015-03-25)

(posted: 2015-03-18)

Urban Science strengthens CSE's Capstone Lab with another $30,000 gift
(posted: 2015-03-06)

Dillon to receive Excellence in Diversity Award
(posted: 2015-01-28)

MSU WIC wins a 2015 NCWIT SEED Fund Award
(posted: 2015-01-28)

Liu and Khakpour receive patent for computing network reachability
(posted: 2015-01-23)

Enbody receives Google CS Engagement Award
(posted: 2015-01-13)

Android app allows users to capture their phone usage habits
(posted: 2014-12-18)

Computer Science Student honored with Board of Trustees' Award
(posted: 2014-12-15)

Jain in LiveBIG Piece: Digital Recognition at Michigan State
(posted: 2014-12-08)

Liu, Torng and Meiners receive patent for systematic framework for application protocol field extraction
(posted: 2014-12-01)

MSU students receive 3rd prize at MIT Hackathon
(posted: 2014-10-08)

CSE wins several awards at the International Joint Conference on Biometrics
(posted: 2014-10-06)

MSU students take awards at MHacks-IV
(posted: 2014-09-12)

Xing awarded NSF grant on Vehicular Networking
(posted: 2014-09-08)

Liu receives research gift from AT&T Research on cellular networks
(posted: 2014-09-04)

Liu receives NSF grant for Computer Systems Research
(posted: 2014-09-08)

Jain interviewed on Bloomberg TV
(posted: 2014-08-26)

Jain awarded project from Google
(posted: 2014-08-18)

Xing receives NSF Cyber-Physical Systems Project
(posted: 2014-08-18)

Google software engineer creates legacy at MSU
(posted: 2014-08-12)

Ross selected for 2014 J. K. Aggarwal Prize from the IAPR
(posted: 2014-07-24)

Goldman and Punch receive best award in Genetic Algorithms track of GECCO 2014
(posted: 2014-07-17)

Jain named to the First Forensic Science Standards Board
(posted: 2014-06-27)

Chad Byers recognized for outstanding teaching by a graduate student
(posted: 2014-04-28)

Luis Zaman recognized for outstanding service by a graduate student
(posted: 2014-04-28)

Soweon Yoon named CSE outstanding graduate student
(posted: 2014-04-28)

Liu receives funding for multiple projects
(posted: 2014-04-04)

Dolson to receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
(posted: 2014-04-02)

Nizol to receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
(posted: 2014-04-02)

Yin, Liu, Chen, and Kramer received the Best Student Paper Award at WACV 2014
(posted: 2014-03-27)

Jain and Xing receive Withrow Awards
(posted: 2014-03-14)

Liu mentors High School Student to a Best Demo Award
(posted: 2014-03-10)

Another patent issued to Liu, Torng and Meiners
(posted: 2014-03-10)

Dillon and VanderSloot organize the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award Event at MSU
(posted: 2014-03-07)

High School Programming Contest at MSU
(posted: 2014-03-07)

Liu, Torng, Meiners issued Patent
(posted: 2014-03-03)

CSE's Dr. Jain featured on MSU 360.24 project
(posted: 2014-02-10)

Ross testifies for the Michigan Senate Committee on Energy and Technology
(posted: 2014-01-30)

DeCann and Ross win Best Paper Award at WIFS 2013
(posted: 2013-11-21)

CSE Student Wins October Hatching Event In East Lansing
(posted: 2013-11-13)

CSE students attend Grace Hopper Celebration
(posted: 2013-11-05)

Jin receives gift from NEC Laboratories America
(posted: 2013-10-25)

Dillon speaks about Women in STEM on a segment on WKAR
(posted: 2013-10-17)

Jain has more than 100,000 citations
(posted: 2013-10-17)

Hao and Xing Win Award at International Mobile App Competition
(posted: 2013-10-08)

Roth and Liu win Best Demo Award at BTAS 2013
(posted: 2013-10-04)

Torng selected to attend NAE Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium
(posted: 2013-09-19)

CSE Student on the MSU Homecoming Court
(posted: 2013-09-18)

Xing part of NSF CyberSEES project
(posted: 2013-09-18)

Mutka, Xi and Xiao receive NSF Award
(posted: 2013-09-12)

Tong on MSU team awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2013-09-10)

CSE Team wins 2013 Ford College Community Challenge Grant
(posted: 2013-09-10)

Liu receives research gift from Microsoft Research on authentication schemes for mobile devices
(posted: 2013-09-05)

Liu receives NSF grant for Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace
(posted: 2013-09-05)

Brown receives NIH grant renewal for "Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data"
(posted: 2013-09-03)

Rosenblum Undergraduate Research Opportunity Award (RUROA)
(posted: 2013-11-11)

Torng and Liu receive NSF Funding
(posted: 2013-08-16)

Brown receives NIH Award
(posted: 2013-07-24)

Jin receives NSF grant for Big Data Initiative
(posted: 2013-06-26)

MSU has strong presence at International Conference on Biometrics
(posted: 2013-10-29)

MSU has strong presence at International Conference on Biometrics
(posted: 2013-06-24)

TechSmith supports Computer Vision and Video Analysis Research
(posted: 2013-06-17)

Ross serves as expert panelist for United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee
(posted: 2013-06-06)

MSU PHD Student provides expert commentary on cybercurrency
(posted: 2013-05-31)

Facial-Recognition Technology Proves Its Mettle
(posted: 2013-05-28)

MSU undergraduate Mairin Chesney wins 3rd place in international ACM Student Research Competition
(posted: 2013-05-17)

Ross to receive IAPR Young Biometric Investigator Award
(posted: 2014-07-07)

Coburn and VanDam win honors at MICWIC 2013
(posted: 2013-05-14)

Punch and VanderSloot host MSU High School Programming Competition
(posted: 2013-05-08)

American Sign Language App highlighted for upcoming Design Day
(posted: 2013-04-23)

CSE student presents invention at White House
(posted: 2013-04-23)

Jain interviewed by several organizations to discuss face recognition software to identify Boston Marathon bombers
(posted: 2013-04-22)

Dillon receives UMASS Outstanding Achievement and Advocacy Award
(posted: 2013-04-18)

Cheng receives funding for new project with General Motors
(posted: 2013-04-12)

Owen wins 2013 AT&T Faculty Award for Best in the Technology Enhanced category
(posted: 2013-04-12)

Zhou and Xing receive Best Paper Award at International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks
(posted: 2013-04-11)

Computer Science Alumna Louise Hemond-Wilson named IBM Distinguished Engineer
(posted: 2013-04-11)

Ramierez named Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2013-03-25)

Shafiz awarded second place in 2012-2013 Fitch Beach Outstanding Graduate Research competition
(posted: 2013-03-25)

2013 Withrow Awards
(posted: 2013-03-25)

Ross appears on NBC: Science of Innovation
(posted: 2013-03-06)

Weng receives research gift from Microsoft Research
(posted: 2013-03-05)

Jain issued new patents
(posted: 2013-02-21)

Liu and Torng issued new patent
(posted: 2013-02-20)

Liu receives funding from the Michigan Sugar Company
(posted: 2013-01-22)

Jain to receive 2013 Most Cited Paper Award from Pattern Recognition Letters
(posted: 2013-01-08)

Mutka named IEEE Fellow
(posted: 2012-11-27)

HST 2012 Best Paper Award
(posted: 2012-11-20)

Tattoo Recognition Database Could Help Combat Crime and Terrorism
(posted: 2012-11-13)

Liu named to editorial board of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
(posted: 2012-11-06)

Liu receives research gift from Microsoft Research on authentication schemes for mobile devices
(posted: 2012-11-06)

Liu and his Ph.D. students Shafiq & Wang received Best Paper Award at the 20th IEEE International Conf on Network Protocols
(posted: 2012-11-06)

Brown receives USDA grant
(posted: 2012-11-06)

Cheng received funding from BAE Systems
(posted: 2012-10-26)

Jin receives research gift from Stroz Friedberg
(posted: 2012-10-22)

Conference of Learning Theory 2012 Best Student Paper Award goes to students supervised by Professor Rong Jin
(posted: 2012-10-22)

MSU Women Take Honors at the 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
(posted: 2012-10-16)

Khakpour and Liu receive best paper award at Int. Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS)
(posted: 2012-10-12)

Balasubramaniam, Piermarocchi, Tong, and Nair awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2012-09-19)

Chai and Xi awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2012-09-14)

MSU WIC Receives a Symantec Student Seed Fund Award from NCWIT
(posted: 2012-09-04)

Xing and Wang awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2012-09-04)

Face matching to artist sketches
(posted: 2012-09-27)

Dillon receives funding to support 2012 Software Engineering Educators' Symposium
(posted: 2012-09-04)

Aug 14th - Home Directories inaccessable
(posted: 2012-08-16)

Xing and collaborators travel to Ecuador to monitor the Tungurahua Volcano
(posted: 2013-10-10)

Brown analyzes massive data for miniscule communities
(posted: 2012-08-10)

Classes begin
(posted: 2012-08-02)

DeMott finalist for Microsoft BlueHat Prize
(posted: 2012-06-21)

Xing named to editorial board of ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks
(posted: 2012-06-18)

Dillon elect to office for ACM SIG on Software Engineering
(posted: 2012-06-12)

Jain on Forbes list of Indian Minds Who Are Doing Cutting Edge Work
(posted: 2012-05-29)

Xing named to editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
(posted: 2012-05-03)

Xing receives Nokia award to support smartphone research
(posted: 2012-04-30)

VanderSloot named 2012 Walter Adams Advisor of the Year
(posted: 2012-04-23)

Yoon, Zhao and Jain win best paper award at ICB
(posted: 2012-04-03)

CSE student receives NSF Graduate Fellowship
(posted: 2012-03-30)

Connelly named Outstanding CSE Graduate Student
(posted: 2012-03-30)

MSU Women in Computing holds Technology Workshop
(posted: 2012-03-29)

CSE Student named as a 2012 Goldwater Scholar
(posted: 2012-03-28)

2012 Withrow Awards
(posted: 2012-03-28)

Jared Wein (Former Student Now at Mozilla) Blogging about the Capstone Course Project
(posted: 2012-02-15)

CSE Student nominated for Goldwater Scholarship
(posted: 2012-02-13)

Jain receives research funding from multiple sources
(posted: 2012-02-02)

Jain and Jin receive ONR support
(posted: 2012-02-02)

Jain to receive 2012 Most Cited Paper Award from Pattern Recognition Letters
(posted: 2012-01-25)

MSU nominates computer science student to compete for Churchill Scholarship
(posted: 2011-11-10)

Yoon, Feng and Jain Receive Best Biometrics Student Paper Award
(posted: 2011-10-13)

CSE Senior Devan Sayles is Homecoming Court Ambassador
(posted: 2011-10-12)

Jain and colleagues receive grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
(posted: 2011-10-10)

National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) awards MSU WIC Seed Fund Grant
(posted: 2011-10-10)

CSE Alumnus Ryan Doom Honored among the
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Jain has two new books
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Weng receives industry research support
(posted: 2011-09-28)

Jain receives grant from the Department of Justice
(posted: 2011-09-23)

Xing and colleagues awarded NSF Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) grant
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Technology for Detecting Altered Fingerprints Developed at MSU, Licensed to Biometrics Company
(posted: 2011-09-16)

MSU licenses technology to detect altered fingerprints
(posted: 2011-09-13)

Sun and colleagues receive NSF grant
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Brown receives NIH Grant
(posted: 2011-08-26)

Tan receives gift from Narus
(posted: 2011-08-22)

Tan and colleagues awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2011-08-22)

Jain receives grants for several projects on biometrics recognition
(posted: 2011-08-18)

Jain and Jin receive 3-year ARO Grant
(posted: 2011-08-18)

Cheng named to editorial board of ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
(posted: 2011-08-18)

CSE Filer Replacement
(posted: 2011-08-18)

CSE Email Migration
(posted: 2011-08-18)

Heather Goldsby and David Knoester win prestigious NSF Fellowships
(posted: 2011-08-04)

Recent MSU CSE graduates on CNN
(posted: 2011-05-20)

MSU CSE Face Finder
(posted: 2011-05-20)

WKAR Video features CSE Capstone Project
(posted: 2011-05-05)

Computer Science Capstone Design Day
(posted: 2011-05-03)

Knoester named CSE Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2011-04-29)

2011-2012 ACM, MSUWIC, Spartasoft Officers
(posted: 2011-04-14)

Liu and Torng receive Withrow Awards
(posted: 2011-03-25)

MSU Researchers' software matches with drawings with mug shots
(posted: 2011-03-14)

Koslowsky and Sun awarded NIH Grant
(posted: 2011-03-07)

Chai awarded ONR grant
(posted: 2011-02-23)

McKinley, Tan, Boughman awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2011-02-23)

Klare Develops Face Recognition Technology to Match Forensic Sketches to Mug Shots
(posted: 2011-02-17)

Stockman brings STEM Skills up to Scratch
(posted: 2010-12-28)

Jain's software serves as a Tattoo Detective
(posted: 2010-12-21)

CSE senior capstone projects
(posted: 2010-12-21)

Fall 2010 Graduation Breakfast Pictures
(posted: 2010-12-13)

Knoester/McKinley research highlighted on
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Chen, Liu, Hwang, and Xie win Best Student Paper Award at USENIX LISA
(posted: 2010-11-10)

Jin receives gift from Yahoo
(posted: 2010-11-03)

Jin receives grant to enhance mine safety
(posted: 2010-11-03)

Jain and Jin receive ONR grant
(posted: 2010-11-03)

Jain receives gift from Cogent Systems
(posted: 2010-10-19)

Ofria interviewed on Meet the Scientist
(posted: 2010-10-07)

Huang, Xing, Zhou and Zhou win Best Paper Award at ICNP
(posted: 2010-10-07)

Computer Science Doctoral Program highly ranked
(posted: 2010-10-06)

Jain receives gift from Morpho
(posted: 2010-10-06)

Mutka awarded DURIP grant
(posted: 2010-10-06)

Jain receives grants for several projects on biometrics recognition
(posted: 2010-10-05)

Devolab paper discussed in US News and World Report
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Brendan Klare receives the Honeywell best student Paper Award, BTAS 2010
(posted: 2010-09-29)

Tan receives gift from Narus
(posted: 2010-09-24)

Smartphone Apps for People with Disabilities
(posted: 2010-09-20)

Xing and Tan awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Paulino, Jain and Feng win best paper at SIBGRAPI
(posted: 2010-09-03)

CSE Devolab's Work Highlighted in the New Scientist Magazine
(posted: 2010-08-12)

PRIP Lab researchers win best paper awards at ICPR
(posted: 2010-07-26)

Liu awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2010-07-26)

Gerber and Chai receive ACL Best Long Paper Award
(posted: 2010-07-15)

Connelly, Beckmann, McKinley receive best paper award
(posted: 2010-07-13)

CNN talks to Jain about Face Recognition
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Meiners, Liu and Torng write new book on hardware based packet classification
(posted: 2010-07-07)

Liu and Torng awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2010-07-07)

Liu and colleagues awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2010-07-01)

Kulkarni awarded grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
(posted: 2010-06-24)

Sun receives NSF CAREER Award
(posted: 2010-06-11)

Graduation pictures available fall 2009 and spring 2010
(posted: 2010-05-21)

Vandy Johnson receives CSE Distinguished Alumni Award
(posted: 2010-05-11)

Design Day, Spring 2010
(posted: 2010-05-05)

CSE Student awarded Engineering Excellence Service Award
(posted: 2010-04-29)

MSU Computer Science and Engineering Poster Contest
(posted: 2010-04-26)

MSU Women in Computing had banner year in 2009-2010
(posted: 2010-04-22)

Undergraduate awarded Goldwater Scholarship
(posted: 2010-04-15)

Ofria and Tan receive Withrow awards
(posted: 2010-03-26)

CSE Alum Wins Chevy Social Media Road Trip Challenge
(posted: 2010-03-25)

Tong receives NSF CAREER Award
(posted: 2010-03-25)

Owen develops video game to teach land mine avoidance
(posted: 2010-03-19)

Goldsby named to receive the Fitch Beach Outstanding Graduate Research Award
(posted: 2010-03-03)

Xing receives NSF CAREER grant
(posted: 2010-03-02)

Punch and Enbody write new text book on Python
(posted: 2010-03-01)

Chai awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2010-02-25)

President Simon announces $25M NSF Science and Technology Center to study Evolution in Action
(posted: 2010-02-17)

Mutka honored with Distinguished Faculty Award
(posted: 2010-02-10)

Dr. Jain featured on ABC news
(posted: 2010-02-08)

1/26 - Campus Network Interruption
(posted: 2010-01-28)

MSU CSE Tattoo Matching Research in the News
(posted: 2010-02-08)

MSU prof leads fingerprint research
(posted: 2010-01-15)

Jain receives gift from BioImagene
(posted: 2010-01-20)

Dyksen receives award from international grant competition
(posted: 2009-12-04)

Girl Scout Workshop a Success
(posted: 2009-11-25)

Computer Science and Engineering Teams Up with Animal Science to Improve Animal Health and Growth
(posted: 2010-03-30)

Sticklen and Esfahanian receive NSF Grant
(posted: 2009-10-30)

Jain awarded grant from DOJ-FBI
(posted: 2009-10-27)

Jin receives gift from Yahoo!
(posted: 2009-10-21)

Tan and Jain awarded ARO grant
(posted: 2009-10-15)

Jain receives grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
(posted: 2009-10-09)

Jain receives funding from NSF Industry-University Research Center on Biometrics
(posted: 2009-10-06)

Tan and colleagues awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2009-10-05)

Jain receives gift from MorphoTrak
(posted: 2009-10-01)

Jin and Jain awarded ARO grant
(posted: 2009-09-21)

Xing awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2009-09-17)

Tan awarded NASA grant
(posted: 2009-09-09)

Tong awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2009-09-02)

Liu receives NSF CAREER Award
(posted: 2009-09-02)

Kulkarni awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2009-09-02)

Kulkarni awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2009-09-02)

McKinley awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2009-08-03)

Liu and Torng awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2009-07-31)

Lansing area youth explore technology at ITEC / Impression 5 camp
(posted: 2009-06-29)

Ramirez, Cheng, Knoester, and McKinley receive best paper award
(posted: 2009-06-29)

Mutka awarded DURIP grant
(posted: 2009-06-25)

Jain appointed guest professor at Tsinghua University
(posted: 2009-06-22)

Chen and Jain receive best paper award
(posted: 2009-06-09)

PRIP research featured on Big Ten Network
(posted: 2009-05-21)

Department celebrates 2009 graduates
(posted: 2009-06-01)

Martha L. Gray receives CSE Distinguished Alumni Award
(posted: 2009-05-18)

CSE Design Day awards announced
(posted: 2009-06-01)

Fleming awarded Honda Shing fellowship
(posted: 2009-05-05)

Student groups elect 2009 – 2010 officers
(posted: 2009-11-20)

CSE Student Representatives Elected
(posted: 2009-06-01)

CSE launches Facebook page
(posted: 2009-06-01)

Goldsby and Cheng receive best paper award
(posted: 2009-06-01)

CSE student elections: online voting open
(posted: 2009-05-01)

CSE System Problems
(posted: 2009-04-15)

Jain and Pankanti article spotted on CSI: Miami
(posted: 2009-09-09)

Reminder: update Windows and virus definitions
(posted: 2009-04-01)

Enbody discusses computer security in WLNS 6 News interview
(posted: 2009-04-06)

Research collaboration advances biometric research at MSU
(posted: 2013-10-29)

Brown, Jin, and Stockman receive Withrow awards
(posted: 2009-03-30)

Call for Nominations: CSE Student Representatives in Governance for 2009-2010
(posted: 2009-04-06)

Meiners named 2009 CSE Most Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2009-03-26)

Students receive awards for outstanding scholarship and service
(posted: 2009-03-26)

Liu and Torng receive research gift from Cisco
(posted: 2009-03-26)

Students receive SWE awards
(posted: 2009-03-09)

Wed, Feb 18 - Downtime for research servers - Updated
(posted: 2009-04-15)

Pennock featured in MSU Darwin celebration
(posted: 2009-02-13)

arctic replaced unexpectedly
(posted: 2009-01-29)

Jain and Jin awarded FBI funding
(posted: 2009-01-29)

Jain, Tan, and Jin awarded ONR grant
(posted: 2009-01-21)

MS and PhD program application deadline extended
(posted: 2009-01-14)

Mutka receives research support from U.S. Army
(posted: 2008-12-23)

CSE Dept. office closed 12-19 due to weather conditions
(posted: 2008-12-22)

Nagar, Nandakumar, and Jain receive best paper award
(posted: 2008-12-12)

Union Pacific sponsors MSU ACM
(posted: 2008-12-12)

CSE celebrates fall 2008 graduates
(posted: 2008-12-11)

Design Day showcases CSE talent
(posted: 2008-12-05)

Student nominations sought for Withrow Teaching Award
(posted: 2013-12-12)

ITEC participates in FIRST LEGO League
(posted: 2008-11-24)

Mail Server Reboot
(posted: 2009-01-29)

Jin recieves gift to support research
(posted: 2008-11-18)

Weng named IEEE Fellow
(posted: 2008-11-13)

SSH Man in the Middle Warnings
(posted: 2008-11-09)

MSU WIC holds computing workshop for Girl Scouts
(posted: 2008-10-28)

Computer science students analyze political debates
(posted: 2008-10-28)

Jain to receive ICDM award
(posted: 2008-10-24)

Network maintenance
(posted: 2008-10-28)

Jain, Nandakumar, and Ross receive Pattern Recognition award
(posted: 2008-10-23)

Department celebrates 40 years
(posted: 2009-01-14)

McKinley, Cheng receive ARO grant
(posted: 2008-10-14)

Brown, Cheng, and Kung awarded USDA grant
(posted: 2008-10-14)

Byers awarded Carl V. Page Memorial Graduate Fellowship
(posted: 2008-09-25)

Research Open House October 11
(posted: 2008-10-14)

Sticklen co-PI for $2.5 million NSF grant
(posted: 2008-09-11)

Tong awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2008-09-11)

Jain to receive King-Sun Fu Prize
(posted: 2008-09-03)

Aug 31. Problems with home directories
(posted: 2008-09-11)

Jain authors Scientific American article
(posted: 2008-08-20)

Chai receives NSF grant
(posted: 2008-08-08)

Faculty, students participate in Women In Engineering program
(posted: 2008-10-17)

Migration to new file server storage
(posted: 2008-07-24)

PRIP in the news
(posted: 2008-07-08)

Tong receives NSF grant
(posted: 2008-07-03)

CSE welcomes new faculty
(posted: 2008-06-30)

CSE alumnus carries Olympic torch
(posted: 2008-06-26)

Cheng, Ofria, McKinley, and Tan receive NSF grant
(posted: 2008-06-16)

Goldsby receives Best Presentation/Paper award
(posted: 2008-06-10)

Save the Date
(posted: 2008-06-10)

Brown featured in Google Summer of Code podcast
(posted: 2008-06-03)

CSE conducts ITEC workshops
(posted: 2008-06-02)

MSU researcher creates system to help law enforcement match tattoos to suspects
(posted: 2009-06-24)

VanderSloot and Pitcher featured on Michigan Public Radio
(posted: 2008-05-28)

Jain receives W. Wallace McDowell Award
(posted: 2008-05-28)

Jain and Jin receive RDECOM grant
(posted: 2008-05-27)

Moti Jiandani receives CSE Distinguished Alumni award
(posted: 2008-05-14)

EGR Power Outage
(posted: 2008-05-16)

Mutka, Xi, Pierre, and Farrell awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2008-05-09)

MSU event advances interdisciplinary research on computing and human language
(posted: 2008-05-08)

Student Representatives Elected
(posted: 2008-05-08)

MATRIX launches Web sites on apartheid history of South Africa
(posted: 2008-05-07)

NSF grant aligns computing education with workforce needs
(posted: 2008-05-01)

Sircon supports CSE
(posted: 2008-04-30)

Partyka receives Outstanding Senior award
(posted: 2008-04-29)

CSE student to speak at graduation
(posted: 2008-04-30)

Design Day showcases student talent
(posted: 2008-04-28)

CSE student organizations promote leadership
(posted: 2008-04-24)

Graduate student election update and voting instructions
(posted: 2008-04-24)

Vote for CSE student representatives
(posted: 2008-04-29)

McKinley, Ofria, Cheng, Pennock, and Tan receive NSF grant
(posted: 2008-04-24)

Online voting fixed
(posted: 2008-04-23)

CSE Design Day activities
(posted: 2008-04-28)

Dyksen and Kornbluh honored for interdisciplinary work
(posted: 2008-04-22)

2008 poster workshop exhibits CSE research
(posted: 2008-04-21)

Student representative nomination deadline extended
(posted: 2008-04-22)

Jain featured in MSU Podcast
(posted: 2008-04-14)

Poster Workshop Announcement
(posted: 2008-04-11)

Stockman, VanderSloot, and Pitcher receive civic engagement awards
(posted: 2008-04-02)

IT Council offers Tech Tours to MSU students
(posted: 2008-04-02)

Cheng and Enbody receive Withrow awards
(posted: 2008-04-04)

Nandakumar is 2008 CSE Most Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2008-03-27)

Students honored for scholarship and service
(posted: 2008-03-26)

CSE launches new site
(posted: 2008-03-21)

Seok, Qian, Zhu, Oswald, and Pramanik receive Best Paper Award
(posted: 2008-03-20)

Girl Scouts explore computing careers
(posted: 2008-03-19)

Nandakumar receives Fitch Beach Outstanding Graduate Research Award
(posted: 2008-03-17)

LaRose, Rifon, and Enbody present framework for Internet safety
(posted: 2008-03-10)

Upgrades interrupt MSU e-mail
(posted: 2008-03-05)

CSE students receive SWE awards
(posted: 2008-02-29)

MSU spearheads new high-tech learning center
(posted: 2008-02-14)

Cheng receives award from Ford University Research Program
(posted: 2008-02-14)

Capstone Course receives gift from Auto-Owners Insurance
(posted: 2008-02-14)

Weng receives gift from Toyota Technical Center
(posted: 2008-01-29)

Jain quoted in ScienceNOW news feature
(posted: 2008-03-07)

CSE faculty quoted in Great Lakes IT Report
(posted: 2008-03-07)

Advances in digitally evolved software highlighted
(posted: 2008-01-29)

CSE celebrates graduates
(posted: 2008-01-29)

Jain receives multiple awards for biometrics research
(posted: 2007-12-20)

MATRIX project featured in MSU Today Magazine
(posted: 2007-12-18)

Anthony S. Wojcik retires from MSU
(posted: 2007-12-14)

Design Day showcases student talent
(posted: 2008-02-06)

CSE student creates new e-mail service
(posted: 2007-12-06)

Jain and Stockman receive award from General Motors
(posted: 2007-12-05)

Jain, Flynn, and Ross publish Handbook of Biometrics
(posted: 2007-12-03)

Beckmann, McKinley, and Ofria featured in the media
(posted: 2007-11-26)

Liu awarded MSU IRGP grant
(posted: 2007-11-21)

Zhang, Cheng, and Goldsby receive best paper award
(posted: 2007-11-20)

Jackson’s research featured in APA Monitor
(posted: 2007-11-13)

Pennock featured on Nova Special
(posted: 2007-11-12)

Jain teams with Lumidigm for army biometrics project
(posted: 2007-10-20)

MSU awarded NSF computing education grant
(posted: 2007-10-09)

Chai’s research featured on Tech Tour
(posted: 2007-10-05)

Chen awarded NIJ Graduate Research Fellowship
(posted: 2008-01-29)

Chen and Jain receive Best Paper Award
(posted: 2007-09-19)

Mutka appointed Acting Chairperson
(posted: 2007-09-17)

Cheng, McKinley, Ofria, and Lenski receive NSF award
(posted: 2007-09-12)

Cornwell awarded Carl V. Page Memorial Graduate Fellowship
(posted: 2007-09-11)

Jain featured in Nature
(posted: 2007-09-10)

Alumni launch language-learning site
(posted: 2008-03-21)

Xiao, Mutka, and Xi receive NSF award
(posted: 2007-08-27)

Jain among most highly cited
(posted: 2007-08-07)

Lansing Tech Center partners get green light
(posted: 2007-07-19)

Stirewalt and Dillon receive NSF award
(posted: 2007-06-22)

Liu and Xie receive award from NSF
(posted: 2007-06-21)

Local IT companies benefit from CSE graduates
(posted: 2007-06-18)

VanderSloot presents plan for a tech hub for Lansing-area youth
(posted: 2007-06-18)

CSE celebrates a decade of memories
(posted: 2007-06-13)

Honda Shing receives CSE Distinguished Alumnus Award
(posted: 2007-05-22)

Alumnus creates Xbox game
(posted: 2007-05-15)

CSE seniors deliver impressive results
(posted: 2007-05-01)

2007 2008 CSE student representatives elected
(posted: 2007-04-20)

Student organizations elect new officers
(posted: 2007-04-20)

2007 CSE Poster Workshop exhibits student research
(posted: 2007-04-20)

Board of Trustees recognizes Andrew Kreling for academic achievement
(posted: 2007-04-17)

Yi Chen is 2007 CSE Most Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2007-04-12)

Students honored for service and academic achievement
(posted: 2007-04-12)

Grabowski wins best paper award at MICWIC 2007
(posted: 2007-04-03)

The Dow Chemical Company presents gift to MSU WIC
(posted: 2007-04-03)

Bess Walker receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
(posted: 2007-03-30)

Chan and Jin receive award from NIH
(posted: 2007-03-28)

McCullen and VanderSloot win awards
(posted: 2007-03-20)

Enbody, Tomanek, and Kwon awarded patent
(posted: 2007-03-12)

CSE volunteers get visitors SET for successful future
(posted: 2007-02-28)

Oweiss and Jin receive NIH grant
(posted: 2007-02-13)

Dyksen receives gift from Auto-Owners Insurance
(posted: 2007-02-08)

Cheng honored with Distinguished Faculty Award
(posted: 2007-02-05)

Ofria receives NSF Career Award
(posted: 2007-01-31)

Jin receives NSF Career Award
(posted: 2007-01-15)

Jin receives gift from Intel
(posted: 2007-01-08)

CSE seniors deliver innovative solutions
(posted: 2007-01-03)

CSE celebrates fall graduates
(posted: 2006-12-21)

Punch and Dyksen Receive Grant from the National Archives
(posted: 2006-12-15)

Jain receives new award from ONR
(posted: 2006-12-08)

Girl Scouts explore computing fields at MSU
(posted: 2006-12-05)

College of Engineering students attend Grace Hopper Conference
(posted: 2006-12-04)

Pennock named AAAS Fellow
(posted: 2006-12-04)

Devo lab research featured in local media
(posted: 2006-11-27)

PRIP research featured on WILX channel 10 news
(posted: 2006-11-20)

New face in the hallways of CSE
(posted: 2006-10-18)

EI lab featured in IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine
(posted: 2006-10-18)

Chai and Jin receive research award from ONR
(posted: 2006-10-17)

2006-2007 CSE student representatives elected
(posted: 2006-10-05)

CSE senior shows Spartan Spirit
(posted: 2006-09-29)

Jain and Dass receive ARO grant
(posted: 2006-09-26)

Tan and colleagues receive new NSF award
(posted: 2006-09-25)

Tony D. Lewis Enrichment Fund established
(posted: 2006-09-20)

Punch named High Performance Computing Center director
(posted: 2006-09-20)

Chan, Jin, and Zheng receive NSF SBIR award
(posted: 2006-09-18)

Fred and Jain receive Best Paper Award
(posted: 2006-08-24)

Weng receives award from General Motors Research and Development
(posted: 2006-08-09)

Erik Eid joins CSE 101 team
(posted: 2006-07-31)

HBRI-II award funds creation of biorepository to advance medical research
(posted: 2006-07-31)

Gift from The MathWorks to support curriculum development
(posted: 2006-07-14)

Reid recognized as MSURA Volunteer of the Year
(posted: 2006-07-11)

Jain and Pankanti author IEEE Spectrum cover story
(posted: 2006-07-03)

Ross, Nandakumar, and Jain author new Handbook of Multibiometrics
(posted: 2006-06-29)

Severance named Executive Director of Sakai Foundation
(posted: 2006-06-20)

Zhang and Cheng win Distinguished Paper Award
(posted: 2006-05-30)

$1 Million Endowed Scholarship Program Established in College of Engineering
(posted: 2006-05-19)

CSE celebrates accomplishments of graduates
(posted: 2006-05-15)

CSE 498 Collaborative Design students deliver impressive results
(posted: 2006-05-03)

Tenth Annual CSE Poster Workshop: excellent research on display
(posted: 2006-04-25)

Student organizations enjoy successful year
(posted: 2006-04-17)

Mutka and Xiao receive NSF CRI award
(posted: 2006-04-17)

Antonuk Wins IBM Race to Master the Mainframe
(posted: 2006-04-14)

Alumni share time and talent at WIC Hardware Workshop
(posted: 2006-04-13)

Jain receives gift from Sagem Morpho Inc.
(posted: 2006-04-13)

2006 Outstanding Undergraduate Students in CSE
(posted: 2006-04-07)

Dirk Colby is 2006 CSE Most Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2006-04-07)

CSE students contribute expertise to Background Check Project
(posted: 2006-04-04)

Jin receives gift from Intel
(posted: 2006-04-03)

Juhs, Cherba, Duxbury, Punch, & Billinges research published in Nature
(posted: 2006-03-29)

Jain joins editorial board of new ACM journal
(posted: 2006-03-28)

Cheng receives new NSF grant
(posted: 2006-03-22)

Cheng, France, and Bieman receive NSF grant
(posted: 2006-03-20)

Jain, Ofria, and Stirewalt win Withrow Awards
(posted: 2006-03-14)

CSE thanks volunteers for successful SET day
(posted: 2006-03-09)

Alumna Katy Colbry conducts teamwork seminar for CSE students
(posted: 2006-03-01)

Lenski, Bates & Ofria receive DARPA subcontract
(posted: 2006-02-28)

Seven CSE students gain valuable "real-world" experience
(posted: 2006-02-27)

Jain speaks at AAAS annual meeting session
(posted: 2006-02-27)

Bierlein named Outstanding Senior in Computer Science
(posted: 2006-02-14)

Ofria receives Teacher-Scholar Award
(posted: 2006-02-10)

Dyksen receives gift from Auto-Owners Insurance
(posted: 2006-02-09)

Nine COE students attend Google Workshop for Women Engineers
(posted: 2006-02-08)

Weng Receives Gift from General Motors
(posted: 2006-01-27)

Enbody, Rifon and Larose receive a gift from Microsoft
(posted: 2006-01-27)

Jain becomes SPIE Fellow
(posted: 2006-01-27)

Chan, Zahn, and Jin receive MUCI grant
(posted: 2006-01-27)

Jain speaks at National Academies on Forensic Science
(posted: 2006-01-27)

High-Assurance Systems Project is Funded
(posted: 2006-01-27)